Under The Radar: 7 Women Who Should Be Breaking Into Your Top 10s

Under The Radar: 7 Women Who Should Be Breaking Into Your Top 10s



After having the pleasure of watching one of the best films in recent years courtesy of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” (4 out of 5, recommended but don’t be under the impression that its the greatest film ever or that it’s mind boggling…Maverick & JC found the story to be pretty straightforward but still amazing) the BWNG found themselves analysing the concept of dreams and reality. Like many a conversation involving a male circle, women are bound to fit in as a topic of discussion (everything leads to women).

After The Yak had put together a hypothesis correlating his daydreams about Erykah Badu’s Window Seat video with the reality of his new found appreciation for everything Eritrean, we had come to another realisation. All our dreams involving celeb women were based around the clichéd “top 10 list” we had individually created years back when the reality is a couple of them were old enough to be our mothers.

Let us not shy away from our acceptance of cougarsville; despite age there are still hardly any women who can test the Sexcellence appeal of Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan, Stacey Dash, Nia Long etc However there comes a time when the mantle has to be handed down and although there have been welcome younger additions to the list i.e Beyonce, Christina Milian, Meagan Good, Esther Baxter, Eva Pigford, Eva Mendez etc we need to highlight new ones that have been under the radar and slowly breaking through. Please take note of 7 women who WILL be hot at 40+ and should be breaking into your top 10s



Besides the fact that she played lead video girl in some of our favourite tracks of last decade (Jon B – Don’t Talk, The Roots – Break You Off, Pharell – Frontin’, Trey Songz – Last Time) we appreciate Lanisha Cole for her sheer beauty. Ever since she took the spotlight from Lauren London in the Frontin’ video it was a daily struggle on google to find out who she was. Lanisha Cole had captured the eyes and dropped the jaws of many a male who during that period were yet to see a featured video girl look like your average natural beauty. Temporarily ending the debate on a lack of dark-skinned girls being heralded she is dark-skin beauty supreme.




If Christina Milian is the girl next door then Vashtie is your best female friend whom for so many years like an idiot you didn’t realise was the one girl you’ve been waiting for til she decided to straighten her hair and wear a tight dress for her birthday. BWNG dig her tomboyish style mixed with natural beauty; no slouch either she serves as an artist, stylist, music video director and party promoter. Thumbs up to a girl you can shop at the same store with! With Trinidadian and Indian traits its safe to say we can pro-create children with good hair, damn our kids would look pretty!



We know we weren’t the only ones watching that NEXT advert last year wondering who the hell this gorgeous woman was. Gracing international runways since the age of 16 the model is representing for the long list of hot Brazilians responsible for us screaming the lord’s name in vain. At 21 the girl is beautiful and despite praise from Naomi Campbell and Anna Wintour it’s the BWNG seal of approval that pretty much solidifies her bad ass status.



Every dude is liable to have been involved with that one crazy chick that they DON’T regret, this to me is what Janelle Monae is. Still somewhat baffled by this fascination with robots she has, BWNG are willing to put that aside for her sheer beauty and voice. She has her own style and doesn’t conform to society or media’s definition of a woman. Who else do you know that can rock that mullet and still make you feel like you don’t deserve her? Talented, Stylish, Ridiculously photogenic and a little weird…all ingredients of a BWNG kinda woman.



Half Liberian, Half Russian, born in Switzerland and raised in USA where she attended a Hebrew School and learnt to speak Spanish, Portuguese and French. *Claps* I think it’s safe to say she’s cultured. We first spotted her on the Vampire Diaries and found reason never to side with the enemy (True Blood) again. At 20 she’s still yet to be perved over which ultimately gives her the tools to reign over anyone in her age group by the time she hits her peak. Be warned.



“Who’s she?” “Who’s that?” is the typical question raised when Dania Ramirez appears on screen, not many can deny they haven’t asked that question out loud let alone in their head. She is the epitome of sex appeal, gotta love that smile too. THAT scene with her and Kerry Washington in “She Hate Me” reigns supreme in cinematography…If you’ve yet to see it go and download the movie, rob a DVD store, ask a friend, whatever you need to do to see it. The only reason why I watched Heroes and the reason I cried after not seeing her in episode 4 of the latest Entourage series, Ramirez is thee blueprint.



Zoe Saldana just keeps evolving; from the cutie playing alongside Nick Cannon in Drumline to the freaky lesbian in After Sex to the hottie in Star Trek. She’s that girl you love to wake up next to in the morning, smiling in your face reminding you why you let her share a single bed with you in the first place. Gorgeous, accomplished, stylish and evolving as an actress she represents the progression. Half Dominican and Puerto Rican, she has those unique and everlasting features that will keep her at the top of her game for a while yet.

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Vacationing with the Family- Panama Canal and Veracruz

Visiting the family in Panama! Here are a few pics from yesterday… Check it out!

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Puente de las Americas

lanisha cole with mom at the panama canal- boats- ocean- view- image

With my Mom at the Panama Canal

lanisha cole with aunt in Veracruz- Panama- ocean- waves- beach- image

Playa in Veracruz

lanisha cole with mom in Veracruz- Panama- ocean- waves- beach- playa- image

lanisha cole with family in Veracruz- Panama- ocean- waves- beach- women- image

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